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Providing Extraordinary, and Truly Unforgettable Events

You've chosen each other and you're planning your wedding.  You're only going to do this once so throw out all the stops and create a wedding as unique as you are. Intimate or large, cliff top setting or rolling hills, even in your back garden, let me help you create the day you've dreamed of - after all, its all about you.


Oh how we love these remarkable days! We will create the most amazing wedding, written by me…. with a little help from you of course, after all, you tell the best stories about yourself. 


Tell me everything you want. Include special elements, handfasting, ring warming, unity symbols or wishing jars, the list is endless.  Pick music that has a special meaning to you or something that will make your guests smile and say, “That’s so them”.  Find readings you love, or write you own words for the day. Say how you want it to happen and who you want included and together we will put it together, piece by piece like the most intricate jigsaw until even you are amazed by how perfect it is. And who cares if you're running a little late, or there are last minute hiccups – there’s no rush – I’m with you for the day, so take your time, savour every minute and enjoy yourself. 

These special days have a habit of flying past so quickly.


Are you looking for someone who believes that your ceremonies should be exactly that – yours. All about what you want rather than being led by tradition?

Are you looking for someone who is genuinely friendly, loves smiling, is highly organised, professional and truly supportive to be your celebrant?

Do you want someone with enthusiasm and experience to create a ceremony that captures your personality and is full of heart and soul?

By working closely together we will create a day that is highly inclusive, truly personal, and exceeds all your expectations. It’s amazing the difference a day makes. Your day should begin with the perfect ceremony – and Yes! Together we can make that happen.

To find our more about special touches for your wedding - tap here 

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