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Children, aren’t they beautiful, so why not have a naming ceremony to welcome them into your family. 

Whether its a new-born, an adopted child or a stepchild, its all about welcoming them no matter what their age.

This is the opportunity to involve life mentors, grandparents, siblings and of course you as you make promises to your child.  Its going to be a wonderful day (or should we say party!) a chance to gather everyone together for a day that embraces the true meaning of family and surrounds your child in the most wonderful hug.  The best can have this wherever you want, even in your own back garden, the choice is yours.

So what can you can incorporate well known family traditions that have been handed down over the years or you can  start a few of your own.  Plant a beautiful tree that will grow and flourish as your child grows and flourishes.  Ask everyone to write down their wishes and hopes for your child and pop them in a time capsule to be opened on a memorable birthday.  Blend coloured sands that represent the strengths of family members and will mix together never to be parted, a show of strength for your child. 

And if nothing else...this is your chance to say once and for all why you chose that particular name and what it means to you.

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So go on...get the kettle on, get in touch and lets start planning the party. Click here

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