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Ok!   so you just want to say your vows and get on with the celebration. Why not? you've been waiting for this day forever, however just take a moment to  consider a few extra special touches that will bring the day together and give you amazing memories to look back on.  
Ring warming, Handfasting, Unity candles or sand,  Parchment signing, Rose Ceremony,  a Wishing Jar, Tree Planting.........the list goes on.
Maybe you have an element of your own that you'd like to include, a way to  involve  your friends and family, a way to include children into your commitment.

Ring Warming

My gift to you on your special day

Before your rings are exchanged they are passed around your guests, each will take a moment to hold them and send good wishes, prayers and loving thoughts into the rings. They then return "warmed" by the hands of those you love.  Ring warming is an ideal way to include every single one of your guests and creates a moving start to your ceremony.

Parchment Signing & Witness Ceremony 

A ceremony involving the couple and their witnesses. Each in turn is invited to sign a keepsake parchment which will become a treasured memento of the couple's ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony 

A tradition that dates back in time, this beautiful ceremony is all about "tying the knot". Hands are linked with ribbons, lace or cords in the infinity symbol, joining together two hearts and minds. 

Close family and friends can share in this ceremony by wrapping the ribbons around the hands of the couple and there are many beautiful readings and wishes that can be incorporated into the ceremony. A keepsake bag and a dated parchment are provided to keep your knot safe and sound.

First Kiss Last Kiss

with special words for your lovely Mums 

Specially for the Mothers, who gave their child their first kiss when they were born and will give them their last kiss as a single individual, wishing them love with their new partner.

Unity Sand Ceremony

This ceremony is ideal for any wedding or naming celebration and symbolises the joining of families.  Multi coloured sands, each representing a person or a strength, are poured into a bottle. Once mixed the grains can  never be separated. Families with children find this a meaningful ceremony with the children being involved in this special moment.

Bespoke Elements

Specially created for you.


There are so many special elements that you can include in your celebration, the list is endless. Contact me for more information or share your ideas and together we will create a truly unique ceremony.

Price is dependent on requirements for each element so contact me for more information.

For Wedding Pricing tap here​

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